Rose, also known as: Chunky Monkey, Baby Doggy, Dogoski, Rosie, Girly, Baby Girl, Love, Doggy Daughter, Love Bug, Agent Doggy, Cuddle Monster, Little Angel, Miss Doggy, etc.

This is Rose, she is a CKC registered Dalmatian and she is the perfect baby. Rosie is very intelligent and loves learning new things as long as she gets some treats in return! Rose is very loving and smiles ALL the time, she is shy when meeting new people but once you know her she gets super excited to see you every time. She can be stubborn, but she loves to make her mommy and dad happy. Rose loves to be comfortable, the more pillows the better! She loves to cuddle all day except for when it's bed time because she gets hot. Rosie hates baths and stepping on wet grass, but she LOVES lakes. She is very obedient (except for when she sees a squirrel) and knows many tricks, Rose is also very good at posing. Her favorite things are her super loud squeaky pigs, her extremely comfortable couch and bed, yummy chicken, and her pawrents!



Pongo, also known as: Big Boy, Buddy, Pole Vaulter (because he jumps very high), Slobber Ball, and Sweet Boy.

This is Pongo, he is an AKC registered Dalmatian. He is owned by a good family friend. Pongo is also extremely intelligent and gets the hang of new tricks in minutes! Pongo is not very stubborn but if he ever is all he wants is a treato. He refuses to sleep in his bed because he loves the cold floor. Pongo is a big cuddler and loves belly rubs. He is impossible to bathe inside, but loves bathing outside for some reason. Pongo is sweet from the moment you meet him, but he will defend his owners from anything as he is very brave. Pongo is very athletic and has the special skill of jumping over fences. His favorite things are long walks, birds and squirrels, tug of war toys, and his girlfriend Rosie.