Angel (Male)

Angel is one of our spottiest pups, some of his spots are already coming in!  He was small at birth but he is one of our biggest now. He's a very sweet boy and feeds ALL day.

Hulk (Male)

Hulk is one of our biggest boys, he's very loud and expressive. He is very strong and likes to climb to the top of the doggy pile. He loves to fall asleep when he's being cleaned by mom.


Coyote (Male)

Coyote is a very sweet boy but he is also very loud. He has a very cute bark/howl and is also very adventurous. He loves to climb on his mom and sleep on top of his siblings.

Flash (Male)

Flash is surprisingly strong, he was smaller than his brothers at birth but quickly caught up. He loves to sleep but is also very active when he's awake, he is surprisingly strong and fast.


Buddy (Male)

Buddy is a pretty big boy, he likes to cuddle and is also a momma's boy. He is very laid back and quiet, and does not complain very much.

Pumpkin (Male)

Pumpkin is our biggest boy, he loves to wander around and is very curious about everything. Pumpkin can sleep in ANY position and he "talks" a little in his sleep.


Pepper (Female)

Pepper is our biggest female, she grew very quickly. She loves to nap by herself because she gets hot when she's too close to the group. She is very independent and loud but loves being held.

Diva (Female)

Diva is a very vocal puppy, she would talk if she could. She is extremely active and can almost stand up all the way already.


Sunshine (Female)

Sunshine is very outgoing and happy. She has a very adorable tail wag while she is feeding. She is very adventurous and is our first puppy to stand up all the way!

Pinky (Female)

Pinky was the runt of our litter, but she is already bigger than some of her siblings. She is surprisingly strong and gives the bigger boys a run for their milk! She is very sweet and adorable, she loves to cuddle with mom and likes to sleep at the bottom of the doggy pile.


Patches (Male)

Patches is very adorable with his super cute eye patch. He is definitely a momma's boy and will not accept being away from her for a second. He is very strong and is already trying to stand up all the way.

Beast (Male)

Beast is quiet for the most part, however he is very speedy and active when he's awake, too fast to photograph! He is a little bit of a momma's boy and loves to sleep cuddling with one of his sisters or mom.


8 Males and 4 Females